Stefano Giardiniere - Tragical Moments

Tragical Moments (2013)
01. Whispering Silence
02. Lonely Pictures
03. Disequilibrium
04. Anxious
05. The Death
06. Slump Of Sadness
07. The Deepest Pain
08. Weeping Willow
09. Lake Of Tears
10. When Everything Is Gone
11. The Night Of The Birdman

Written in sadness, composed with pain...hard to understand but the 10th day has come.

Some songs was needed to rebuild for this album:
The Death [† 1996]
The Night Of The Birdman [† 1999]
Weeping Willow [† 1997]

This album is dedicated to all my loved and deceased family members and friends.
Especially to my father, Klaus-Dieter Gärtner.